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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> we shouldn't be laughing but it's horrifying -- oh, my gosh,y what do we have to do to make it stop? >> tucker: worse than you tthink it is always. thanks for proving that, brett larson, good to see you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: be back tomorrow night 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying,o pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.f good news for you! four seconds early, turning over to our friend sean hannity. >> sean: all right, tucker, great show as always. welcome to "hannity." what a great day this has been. in the middle of a partial government shutdown, speaker nancy pelosi, she was all set to leave on a jet plane. well, actually a u.s. military plane on your dime to embark on a 7-day excursion with other democratic members of congress. that is until president trump pulled the plug in a letter. the president wrote nancy pelosi, "due to the government shutdown, i'm so sorry
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to inform you that you your trip to brussels and egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. wepp will reschedule this 7-day excursion when the shutdown is over. in light of the 800,000 great american workers not receiving pay, i'm sure youin would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. i also feel that during this period, it would be better if you were in washington negotiating with meme and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown. obviously, if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, well, that would certainly be your prerogative. o i look forward to seeing you soon and even more forward to watching our open and dangerous southern border finally receive the attention, funding, and the security it so desperately deserves." and keep in mind, this letter comes roughly 24 hours after speaker pelosi called for the state of the union to be canceled because of some phantom, it turns out, concerns about inadequatese security due to the ongoing shutdown. of course, we now discover nancy pelosi never, ever, not once, reached out to thehe department of homelandd security or the secret service before making that announcement.
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now both departments have long been planning for the joint address, they were fully prepared and nancy pelosi made up those concerns. why? obviously, a political ploy, political game, and a political show, rather than actually negotiating a real border security deal and an opening of the government. she was perfectly happy to take a government-funded plane and a government funded intercontinental trip instead of staying in washington, d.c. and actually doing her job. keep in mind, her seven day absence from washington, that would have guaranteed the hundreds of thousands of furloughed, federal workers they would miss their next paycheck.po it would have been impossible to get it. so she obviously doesn't care about furloughed workers. she only feigns moral outrage because she had no intention of being there to solve the problem. today on the hill, the house minority leader kevin mccarthyhy backed up the president's letter
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100 percent, rightly so. take a look. >> being speaker of the house and leaving the country with a shutdown, i don't think is appropriate. especially the speaker thinks we shouldn't even have the state of the union? i think the best thing that could happen and everybody could calm a little bit, get in a room together, and put the american people first before their travels and solve the problems. >> tucker: remember, again and again, including usyesterday, democrats refused to go to the white house at the president's invitation, remember that weekend when the vice president was staying all weekend too negotiate with pelosi and schumer, they just sent their aides. they didn't want a solution to the problem. so, leader mccarthy is right. speaker pelosi should be embarrassed. she claims that she cares about furloughed government workers but she tried to postpone shutdown negotiations so she can takee her government-funded international trip. she pretends that her fellow democrats are ready to open the government immediately, but allowed dozens of her colleagues to take that luxurious, lobbyist-paid, extravagant tropical vacation to puerto rico.
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those are the ones with lobbyists, corporate executives. guess what? you can see right there, senator bobb menendez of new jersey next to the woman in the bikini. does that look like a man that's worried about furloughed employees of the government? all-expense-paid d vacation? well that's only 10 days into the new congress. vacation, paidon for, 10 days. nice gig if you can get it. only a dollar for the wall and the wall is immoral. nancy pelosi pretends that a partial shutdown is a major crisis. somehow made ample time, where was she over the christmas holiday? vacationing in hawaii. the president urged to come to the white house, meet face to face to negotiate. he stayed in washington. gave up his vacation. carebviously doesn't about the furloughed workers, and she obviously doesn't care about reopeningng the government. what's worse, she doesn't care about the root cause of the shutdown, which is border security. this is literally, for many life and death. when angel moms and dads,
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families, yesterday, those that lost loved ones at the hands of illegal immigrants, went to her h office to visit with speaker pelosi, she was in the office, she refused to come out and even meet them yesterday. and then you have got fake jake tapper over at fake news cnn. he's rushing to speaker pelosi's defense. why? i don't know. take a look. >> a white house official tells cnn that pelosi and members of congress are welcome to fly commercial to afghanistan. a remarkable statement, given that the president just announced to the world, including the taliban, that the speaker of the house was headed there. >> sean: he actually told them she isis not heading there. unless she wants to go commercial. nancy pelosi is obviously ur playing politics with the safety, the security, of all americans, all because she just hates donald trump. remember, democrats sounded like donald trump four years ago. so, yeah, it might be pretty easy to make this up on fake news cnn and their friends in the democratic party to t
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call border security -- they all use the same phrase, "manufactured crisis." really? manufactured? a tell that to the face of angel moms and dads that were on this program on all of whom lost their kids because of illegal immigration and sanctuary policies. you know, the facts paint a very different picture. now, over the past two years, approximately 4,000 criminal aliens have been arrested for homicide. 30,000 for h sex crimes. over 100,000 for violent assaults. in just 2018 alone, 17,000 individuals with criminal records were apprehended trying to cross the border. we also saw a 122% increase in fentanyl being smuggled across our southern border. americans are dying every day from overdoses, at least 300. now over the last few weeks, over 20,000 children were smuggled or trafficked into the united states, and as you can see, for so many, this is literally life and death.
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angel moms, you know what? they are never going to see their kids again. that's permanent separation. remember the democrats? they seem to care about the issue of child separation, but only when they could politically bludgeon president trump, who, in the end, fixed that problem, one that he inherited from their beloved barack obama, theyac never criticized him. some victims will never recover. this doesn't impact democrats, who are safe and secure on capitol hill living it junkets to puerto rico. that's why many of them have no problem calling border walls, or actually walls protect both sidesy. immoral. easy to play politics when you are not impacted, you are not affected. it hasn't been your family. and that's probably why nancy pelosi's district has now become covered, look at this. we sent our cameras from the "hannity" show over to nancy pelosi's district. we showed you last night. human feces, needles, while she's up there in washington, d.c., raising money, playing politics,
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without tackling any real, serious, important issues. this is what her district looks like. take at look. > you have needles and blood-stained clothing in the streets, that can't be safe for anyone. >> i do see a lot of needles and feces everywhere. and that's obviously about drugs and stuff like that. >> kind of makes it a trap when you walk around needles, playground and just feces everywhere. the smell of it all. it's kind -- >> you definitely have to look on the ground when you areun walking. it's been -- it's definitely an uptick because i have lived in this city more than 30 years. it's probably the worse i have seen it. >> sean: pelosi's district. liberal utopia, pretty despicable. given that nancy pelosi's massive net worth her and husband, is over $30 million. that's her district. well, she could take some of that money, build a homeless shelter in her district so that homeless people maybe can get a bite to eat, maybe sleep, take a shower.
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use bathroom facilities. why not fix the problem in her district? oh, that's right. liberals are only generous with other people's money. forgot that. she is too busy hating donald trump. she is too busy calling walls to protect this country from 90% of the heroin that comes in through our southern border, she's called the walls immoral. tonight, we are seeing some fractures forming in the democratic party, including pelosi's second in command, that's majority leader steny hoyer. watch this. >> we have supported the substantial restraints. we have supported fencing. we have supported other technologies. so my own view is, this is not a issue of morality. a wall is immoral if it tries to imprison people who shouldn't be imprisoned. a wall that protects people is not p immoral. it works. >> sean: it's actually good to see a rare moment of common accepts from the democratic party. but sadly, this is an anomaly. this is pretty unusual.
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this party has now been hijacked by the most radical individuals, including devout socialists and bigoted anti-semites and lawmakers who want to dismantle, literally, the u.s. constitution,e it's beginning to be a pretty scary picture. and yesterday, we saw publicity-seeker, far-left freshman coming woman alexandria ocasio-cortez filming herself storming into the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. she is demanding that he reopen the government. watch this. >> we're marching over to mitch mcconnell's office to show them what's up, is that right? >> that's right. >> okay, guys. office, where we went to the senate cloak room. #where'smitch? you can run but you can't hide. >> sean: when ocasio-cortez is not busy plotting next publicity stunt, she's teaching her far less media savvy colleagues how to do the same.
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yesterday, she hosted a twitter 101 class for her fellow democrats because, i guess, they don't have other pressing issues to deal with. she's teaching themm twitter. and let's not forget of congres who wants to pay for reckless, wasteful, programs, even floating a 70% tax rate for americans. dan bongino had a suggestion we would like to echo on this program. ocasio-cortez, let her lead by she can donate 70% of her income right now, give it to the government. after all, salary, as a sitting member of congress is actually triple median income for an entire family. ocasio-cortez, you want to take everyone else's money, will you donate your own? will you put your money where your mouth is? better yet take a trip, go to cuba or venezuela and see how your socialist utopia is
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working in action. that's right. you can't because of the extreme conditions likeem crime and civil unrest and crumbling infrastructure. they even ran out of toiletr paperr in venezuela last year because of socialism. the entire country is going hungry because of socialism. they don't have basic medical supplies because of socialism. do you really want that for america? d how well did that work out for the former soviet union? sadly, ocasio-cortez is not the only democrat with these radical views. it's actually getting much worse. for example, many democrats, including presidential contender, kirsten gillibrand, get this, actively participating side by side with the well-known anti-semite by the name of linda sarsour. remember sarsour? she has been known to praise and promote sharia law. we know what sharia does for women, gays, lesbians, christians and jews. that's right. all persecuted. she rants about so-calledbo zionists in israel.
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she said that ian hirsi alli doesn't deserve to be a woman and deserves to have her anatomy taken away. she was a victim of female genital mutilation. when she was accused of of anti-semitism she blamed y"the jewish media." that's kirsten gillibrand's friend sarsour. her and tamika mallory are the founders and lead organizers of this weekend's women's march in washington, d.c. both avid fans of the bigoted hate monger anti-semite racist louis farrakhan. mallory calling farrakhan "the greatest of all time" on twitter. a reminder, here is the person often praised by the founders of the women's march, this saturday. take a look. >> the jews don't like farrakhan, so they call me hitler. well, that's a good name. hitler was a very great man.
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>> the satanic jews, they control everything and mostly everybody. >> there were many israelis and zionist jews in key roles i9 the 9/11 attacks. >> see, the jews have control over those agencies of government. >> the powerful jews are my enemy. >> sean: according to recent reports, the women's march actively coordinated with him for security and other purposes. on "the view," tamika mallory refused to condemn this hate preacher, this anti-semite. take a look. >> the women's march condemns anti-semitism.
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>> condemn louis farrakhan's remarks about jewish people. >> we. have repeatedly in statement after statement this year which are available directly on our website for anyone to read. >> i don't speak forho jewish people, i think i'm just confused. a it goes on, death to israel, over and overub again. >> we did not make those remarks. >> we did not make those remarks. >> you are associating with a manr. who does publicly. >> what i would say to you is, i don't agree with many of mr. farrakhan's statements. >> simply about jewish people. >> as i said i do not agree with many of mr. farrakhan's statements. >> do you condemn them? >> i ie don't agree with these statements. >> you won't condemn it. >> sean: organizers of the women's march. until recently the dnc was sponsoring this march coming up saturday. they knew it was being run by bigoted anti-semites. only now that it out in the open the dnc has canceled partnership. laughably, they won't acknowledge the reason for the cancellation.ll believe it or not, democrats have a long history with farrakhan. remember, not that long ago president bill clinton recently appearing right
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there on stage with farrakhan. obama was pictured hanging out with this hate preacher just prior to his time as president. by the way, they hid this pictuream from you, the american people, for eight years. and sadly,oc the democrats' close relationship with anti-semitism, it doesn't stop there you have freshman stop there. you have freshman congresswoman omar is also a known anti-semite, once called israel apartheid state and that's just the tip of the iceberg. watch this. >> israel has hypnotized the world allah awaken the people and see the evil position of israel. you've commented a lot since then. trying to explain what you meant by that. and i wonder just what your message is this morning as the first on our game changer series to jewish americans who find that deeply offensive. >> oh, that's really regrettable way of expressing that. i don't know how my comments would be offensive to jewish americans.s. >> sean: your new radical extremeli democratic socialist
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party in america, pelosi, chuck schumer, areuc you proud to call this anti-semitic democrat colleague of yours and when congresswoman omar is not trashingg israel, she is attacking republican senator lindsey graham because of his support for president trump. tweeted, "they got to him. he's compromised." and on cnn, she had a hard time explaining her disgusting allegations. take a look. >> he is somehow compromised. no longer stand up for the truth. to make sure that he is fighting to protect the oath that he took in serving the american people. >> but that's quite a charge to make. you say you are pretty sure, based on what evidence? what fact? that's a remarkable comment to make about a sitting u.s. senator? >> the evidence really is present -- being presented to us in the way he is behaving. >> again, based on what evidence, congresswoman? >> my tweet was just an
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opinion based on what i believe to be visible to me. >> sean: well, is nancy pelosi happy with this radical party of hers and these conspiracy theories?nd this party is now a disaster. america better wake up because democrats do not have your best interest in mind. noww we turn out to our "hannity watch" on our deep state tonight. we reported last night, john soloman and the justice department official bruce i ohr admitting in congressional testimony that he warned fbi brass and doj brass that that dirty trump dossier was in fact political opposition bought and paid for by hillary clinton and the dnc. and that the document was likely tainted with an becausemp bias christopher steele had a personal animus against donald trump. but it was still submitted months later to the fisa court as the bulk of information despite never being verified or corroborated. so what does that mean?
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our own gregg jarrett explains it in a new column tonight. o it means mueller's prosecutors knew that the russian lies and the dossier was a product of bias and deception. he will join us later in the program and we'll talk about it more. it also means that james comey, sally yates, rod rosenstein and all the others appeared to have made a conscious decision to make materially false statements and lie and commit a fraud on the fisa court. this must be investigated and handled. the rule of law must prevail. and actively concealing pertinent information and failing to disclose to those judges that any of this in the fisa application on carter page. they presented it as full and truthful and they knew the exact opposite. they abused the fisa warrant process, that is in violation of america's constitutional rights. and it undermines a duly elected president. now,nt remember, james comey told the president the document was unverified and salacious. well, that was in january of 2017.
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he signed offf on it as accurate in october of 2016. and william barr, once you are confirmed as the attorney general, you must do your job. you must investigate this. end this two-tiered justice system. we have more on that latere in the program. joining us now first, more on our top story, we start tonight with our radio talk show host, syndicated host larry elder. friend, let me start with the shutdown and the president. the president has invited the democrats day after day to come and negotiate, to talk about what is life and death at the border, and talk about the government shutdown. they never go. they don't want to negotiate. well, i think the president acted in the right way today. >> i agree. sean, this is what gets me about this whole things. nancy pelosi, of all people, ought to understand the position donald trump is in. he made a campaign promise, not just a campaign promise
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but a promise he believes makes the country better. similarly, 2008, barack obama run, one of the signature policies what was healthcare reform, which eventually became obamacare. it was unpopular to the point where massachusetts, a democrats lost the so-called ted kennedy seat to scott brown. they were demoralized, sean, they were crushed. rahm emanuel wanted to pull the whole thing. the person that bucked obama up, that said go big or go home wast nancy pelosi. she said, you made a signature promise, you need to fulfill it. and donald trump made a promise and he is trying to do thehi same thing, to fulfill a campaign promise that he made, that he also believes will improve the country. >> sean: also life and death, larry. 90% of the heroin coming across that border into this country. >> that's exactly right. so why would nancy pelosi understand the pressure that obama was under and encourage him to pursue obamacare, but expect donald trump to completely dropkick a plan, a promise he made repeatedly to his base?
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it doesn't even make any political sense. she understands that. >> sean: a larry, talking about literally they all took their vacations for christmas. theye didn't stay and negotiate for the furloughed employees. 10 days in and then have you got other democrats taking a lobbyist-paid junket to luxurious resort in puerto rico. looks like they were having fun. then have got nancy going away and in that seven day period, that means those 800,000 furloughed employees would not get another check.he she seemingly doesn't care about them, although she claims to care. but we have got life and death. let me ask you this. we have these new radicals in the democratic party, outspoken anti-semites, associations with the women's march. and those m people that support farrakhan. i don't hear any criticism amongst the democratic leadership about any of this. >> and you won't, and it gets each worse, sean. al sharpton, who is a friend and associate of farrakhan, isal being visited by many of these perspective
10:23 pm
presidential democrats. bloomberg, cory booker, elizabeth warren, gillibrand, have all met with them or planning on meeting with him. al sharpton has not renounced hiss friendship with farrakhan. has not renounced thest anti-semitic comments you just played. by the way, you mentioned steny hoyer, the house majority leader, he also said that walls sometimes even work. so not only has he broken away from nancy pelosi a little bit, here he is acknowledging that walls "sometimesho work." i thought they didn't work. i thought they were inefficient and waste of money? >> sean: i thought it was a manufactured crisis. why wouldn't nancy meet with angel moms and dads? she was in her office. they were outside her door. >> you know why she wouldn't meet. what's she going to say? >> sean: how about, i'm sorry for your loss? i'm so sorry? >> she said about a police officer who was killed, well,il we don't live in a perfect world. really? whenever there is a mass shooting, the same people that say we don't live in aiv perfect world want to draft more laws to restrict the second amendment. in response, we don't live in a perfect world.d. d satisfied when there is a mass shooting.
10:24 pm
when a person is killed by illegal alien, hey, stuff happens. we don't live in a perfect world. it's outrageous. >> sean: i have got to run. larry, thank you for being with us. we have a lot more on this coming up in the show. also directly ahead, the media goes absolutely apoplectic over the president shutting down nancy's overseas trip. dan bongino, kerry picket. we will talk about that women's march also straight ahead. thanks to you, we will. aw, stop. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... all while helping you to and through retirement. um, you guys are just going for a week, right? yeah! that's right. can you help with these? oh... um, we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... sorry, little paws, so. but have fun! send a postcard! voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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you'this january 18th-24th, would like to say, "thank you." enjoy a free week of movies on us- from networks like epix, lifetime movie club, hallmark movies now, and history vault. just say, "show me movie week." that's a full week of your favorite hit movies on your tv, online, or on the go with the xfinity stream app. [shouting] it's all on us, and it's all coming soon. you've got some serious watching to do. ♪ >> sean: all right. so the feigned liberal back at it.ine is the media having meltdown over the president canceling nancy pelosi's trip amid a life and death situation at our border. government shutdown.
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take a look. predictable media outreach. >> it's officially become a playground. the president has responded in sort of a childish way, the only way to describe it. >> the only phrase that comes to mind is nanny nanny boo-boo. >> right. sand box, get out of the sapped box. >> there is always a russia threat tous pull. she was going to stop by nato, so that visit off. >> the movie see units of quarters as trying to divert attention from the russia investigation. >> this is not undisconnected from the russian story. the golf russians if you read malcolm nance's book, their goal it was to destabilize the west and sow chaos. anybody watching would agree that's what's happening, >> sean: joining us, host of "the dan bongino show" podcast dan bongino. i from the sirius xm patriot
10:30 pm
show, carrie pickett. you have interviewed pelosi the last couple days she made up whole cloth about the story about the state of the union not being safe. she didn't ask the secret service or the department of homeland security but the reality is she has been invited almost every day to meet with the president and they refuse to even talk to him. >> absolutely. you know what? here's the thing. the democrats really don't have any incentive to stay in washington. j as fare as they were concerned, they can pretty much just delay this entire process as much as they want because in a way, they can sort of look at this as their sort ofei revenge for say the republicans never seating merrick garland. they can say, we are getting back at you. we are officially in 2020 election cycle at this point. this is a political attack. so i don't see how the media can expect for donald trump to not counter punch. that is his signature. and, frankly, when i heard from, say, house majority whip jim clyburn saying
10:31 pm
well, you know, there is precedent for presidents to only submit in writing the state of the union, that's just nonsense. the only time presidents ever submitted in writing the state of the union was back when members of congress were riding on horses and covered wagons to go to congress. you know, now we are in the era of mass media and mass transit where presidents can deliver their messages that way.s >> sean: one thing i would say, dan, to the president is this. what he is standing up for here, having interviewed way too many angel moms and dads and families, and seeing 90% of the hair when in this country coming across the southern border, human trafficking, drug trafficking, cartels, gangs, seeing all of this -- the president stayed home for christmas. they went on vacation. they are going on luxurious lobbyist-paid junkets to resorts in puerto rico, the president stays and invites them to the white house. same thing, shenv is going to be upon when the furloughed
10:32 pm
employees should be paid and they can't possibly have a deal when she is away. so, to me, the president is right on all points here. and i just think should hold the line. option here which uses to fundd the wall. but he needs to keep that promise. >> finally, sean, we got a fighter. i'm all in. >> sean: i'm in, too. >> i'm'm ready to sacrifice for this. this is the fight. this is it this is the red line right now. we cannot lose this fight. you know, i heard someone earlier today network saying, well, maybe the president should try to take the high ground here. the high ground? are you serious? do you think there is high ground left in washington, d.c.? this is a cesspool full of swamp rats and villains. d.c. has no high ground left. what we need is a kidney puncture. >> sean: i disagree with you. again, the 2%. preventing homicides, preventing terrorists, criminals, cartels, drug members, drug and human trafficking that's
10:33 pm
the high ground to me. he has the high ground. >> sean, i get i'm with you, brother, 100 percent.n i know we are morally on the right side ofg this. i'm simply suggesting to you in this fight, trying to talk reason and facts into our liberal opponents on the other side, is useless. sean, you know as well as i do, they don't care. this is meaningless to them. it doesn't matter how many people are killed by illegal immigrants. all theyut care about is beating donald trump. and we need to recognize that fight right now and start rabbit punching below the belt. the timeme for roberts rules of order ended on inauguration day with donald trump. and thank god he gets that and understands the fight. i'm with you. we are on the right side of this. but the democrats don't care at all. >> sean: you know, and the thing is, to watch steny hoyer and watch this new radicalism emerge, kerry, in the democratic party, which we will get into in the next segment, i don't think nancy can go against them because they
10:34 pm
will throw her out in two seconds. >> that is so true. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are thinking about the last time they gave a democratic response to donald trump's oval office address. i don't think they want to see that going forward into the state of the union. >> sean:n: good to see you both. thank you both. when we come back, the democrats have a hug anti-semitism scandal in their party. it involves the women's march coming up on saturday. tammy bruce, sara carter. they will react to that and much more straight ahead.tect ♪ doug, doug!
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>> sean: all right. so as we told new opening monologue tonight the women's march is coming up this weekend >> sean: all right, so as we told you in the opening monologue, tonight the women's march is coming up
10:39 pm
this weekend despite being roiled in scandal and battling well-founded accusations of anti-semitism among its leadership. "the washington times" reporting women's march leaders deny anti-semitism claims as dnc, harass, gillibrand abandon thece 2019 event. this comes as one of the central leaders of the organization tamika mallory appeared on "the view" appeared to denounce racist, anti-semite louis farrakhan who she says she admires. mallory says that quote she -- that he is the greatest of all time. >> the powerful jews are my enemies.y >> farrakhan, by god's grace, has pulled its cover off of that satanic jew. >> call me an anti-semite. stop it.t. i'm anti-termite. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributors, we have sara carter and tammy bruce.ta let's start with the anti-semitism that i
10:40 pm
outlined of the leadership. >> yeah. >> sean: it's so transparent, but also now we got radicals in the democraticca party that have said these anti-semitic things, but no criticism from the leadership. >> this is classic of the far left. it's notot liberalism. it's not about being a democrat. it's the nature of the far left. obviously, the comments of mr. farrakhan speak for themselves. if you want to embrace work that helps the black community, the inner city, the muslim community, there are so many other options than louis farrakhan. there is a lot of good work going on. but in this case, also, and i experienced this when i was on the left, is that there very often is, of course, a co-option of movements. the issues that are important to americans, and in this case, you see it with the women's march. so, very good cause, obviously. every american cares p about the progress of women. their daughters, their sisters, their wives, their best friends.
10:41 pm
we get that but what this has turned into, of course, under the guise of women's welfare, of women's rights, moving a leftist agenda, which clearly does obviously with so many people withdrawing is about racism. it's about jew hatred and dividing people. it's not about bringing all women together. i do want to say, as president of independent women's voice,ou we are having a counter rally 10:00 a.m. at pershing park in washington, d.c. for all women. our issues a elevate every women, including women from the jewish community, gay women, straight women, it doesn't matter your complexion or race. that's real women's advocacy this saturday. >> sean: mallory calling farrakhan the greatest of all time on twitter. go to linda sarsour for a second here. you got a woman known to praise sharia law, that treats women horribly. >> awful. >> sean: also kills gays and
10:42 pm
lesbians, persecutes christians and jews. sarsour not only praise sharia law but ranting about so-called zionists. the things she said about ini alli. she doesn't deserve to have her female anatomy. it should be taken away. she was the victim of genital mutilation and gillibrand is on stage with this woman. >> a terrific,c, sean. the fact that tamika mallory wouldn't condemn louis farrakhan and anti-semitic statement, his horrible, horrific statements, is part of endemic problem throughout the left now. i agreeug completely with tammy bruce here. if you look at the past, this isn't about democrats or liberals. this is about, you don't agree with us, you don't belong in our march. that's not what women in america are all about. we have different ideas, different perceptions. we believe in different things and we should be heard, all of us should be heard. as you know, sean, i
10:43 pm
traveled throughout much of the middle east throughout my career and in south asia. and my heart just breaks when i think about how women in other parts of the world suffer and don't haveer anyone to support them or don't have the law on their side. in fact, they are victims over and over again. we should be grateful and blessed that we live in such a fantastic nation where we can go out and march. >> if i can add, american women and the nature of what we say here at home translates around the world. when we stand up for every woman, all ideas, it does bring us together. it does not exclude any woman.he so when we do have the suffering that we have with women across the planet, american rhetoric from women matters. and that's our message on saturday. it's great because, you know, the silver lining is we are having this conversation now. >> sean: last word, sara. >> absolutely, tammy. i will be there on saturday as well.
10:44 pm
i look forward to it and that's we should think about. we should be standing up for women all over the world and their rights and freedoms. >> sean: thank you both. we will be watching this crazy fest on -- some of the leaders at least on saturday. all right. when we come back, "hannity watch" on the deep state. and we have big development yesterday. we now have new information tonight, mueller and his team, they knew, like the fbi and the doj, that the dossier was dirty from day one and they still used it in the fisa warrant. gregg jarrett with new, explosive details straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [peaceful acoustic guitar] (male announcer) we know these memories will last longer than the wrapping paper. we know there's some things you just can't put a bow on. we know the best gift of all is still out there. we know the great outdoors. we love the great outdoors. bass pro shops and cabela's-- where incredible selection,
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>> sean: last night on this program we had huge news >> sean: last night, on this program we had huge news
10:49 pm
with "the hill"'s john solomon breaking the news bruce ohr under oath in congressional testimony revealing to high ranking doj fbi officials that christopher steelete and his dossier was in fact corrected and paid for by clinton. very well would be politically biased. our own gregg jarrett now explores the major legal consequenceses of this in his, mueller's team knew dossier kicking off trump investigation was biased and defective. here to discuss details of the number one best seller, "russia hoax: the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump,"ru gregg jarrett. former prosecutor sidney powell is with us. gregg, let's start with your column. in august of 2016, bruce ohr warns everybody, all the people in the fbi, upper echelon
10:50 pm
and doj. >> and doj. >> sean: warns them hillary clinton paid for this, biased, and christopher steele hates >> right. : they knew it's paid for by hillary clinton and do anythingg to stop donald trump.nd they should have dropped it therefore in the trash can. they didn't. they thought it was gold. they don't care if it's phony orf not. we will use it as a pretext to frame donald trump. >> sean: russian lies paid for. >> right. who does bruce ohr tell? now confirmed, i have been able to confirm as w well, much of his deposition testimony. he implicates two top officials at the department of justice who are now on the special counsel's team of partisans and two others at the fbi who are on it, who have since left. you have often asked me, why isn't mueller investigating the fbi and doj for hillary russian collusion? i think we now know the answer, fournk people on his own panel f were implicated. >> sean: including one andrew weissmann we talk about all the time.
10:51 pm
>> andrew weissmann and of course the lisa page and peter strzok all four. they all knew in the summer of 2016 that this case was suspect. >> sean: so if he iss supposedly i looking at russian interference, hillary pays for russian lies about her opponent that they are peddling, even we have our own intel community peddling to the american people. >> right. >> sean: they do it to steal an election and, then to get a fisa warrant. why aren't any of these people ever investigated? where is the grand jury in when is somebody going to do their job? >> because you had the incompetent and feckless jeff sessions in charge and rod rosenstein, who signed off on one of the fisa warrants improperly. >> sean: he knew it was bought and paid for and not verified. >> he has been obstructing ever since. sessions is going, rod rosenstein soon gone and william barr will become the attorney general. i am fairly confident he will investigate. >> sean: if he doesn't, then we are a banana republic.
10:52 pm
sidney, let me go to you. you know a lot about andrew weissmann because you wrote about him. he is mueller's pit he knew about this and they are looking into russia collusion and they never touch this? >> sean, i'm sure mr. weissmann was very involved and might have helped draft the fisa applications. he would have known about it from the first conversation he had with christopher steele. this kindin of fabrication is right up mr. weissmann's alley as you know from reading "license to lie" yourself. he is very good at making up crimes and the factual narrative he wants to suit whatever crime he wants to charge. that's his standard operating procedure. while he has the evidence that shows people are innocent. >> sean: it gets worse. remember, bruce ohr, after steele is fired for lying and leaking by the fbi, they still wanted more
10:53 pm
contact with him, contact with bruce ohr. writing his contact with christopher steele, who built this lying, phony dossier that now is debunked, giving information to bruce ohr to funnel to the special counsel robert mueller himself. we have that s evidence. >> oh, yeah. yes. and i think this goes back farther than that, sean. i think it goes back to 2015 when comey gave illegal access to the raw nsa data to three private contractors. i p would bet that one of those is fusion gps and that they were mining that data to createdo this phony dossier with christopher steele in the first place. and then recycled it through him. >> sean: two years, it's been trump-russia. they knewai from the get-go that hillary paid for russian lies that were disseminateded to the american people andnd then they used those lies that they knew were lies, never verified it. if they would have done their job, they sign off on it as gospel truth to get a warrant.
10:54 pm
shred the constitution, shred the fourth amendment to spy on the trump campaign associate and they are the people in charge of looking into russian collusion? >> exactly. they lied to the fisa court and mr. rosenstein signed the application, and mr. comey signed the applications. others who signed those applications as well, whose names have been redacted. we need to know who those people are. the investigations that mr. mueller started should have been of those people and never of the trump campaign at all. it's egregious government misconduct. the mueller witch-hunt should be ended immediately and the entire team disbanded. they are the ones that should be investigated. >> sean: will the law be followed? >> i don't know, sean, i mean, i'm still concerned about mr. barr's personal relationshiph with mr. mueller. >> sean: so am i. you are not? >> no. look, the bottom line here there was no trump collusion but there was hillary fbi department of justice collusion and four people on mueller's specialou
10:55 pm
counsel team involved. >> sean: and also, we know that they literally lied to a fisa court and committed fraud. all right, when we come back, whoopi goldberg going after comrade de blasio. ♪
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♪ . >> sean: you've all heard the phrase all politics is local. well may or, comrade bill desantis found out the hard way in his appearance in new york on the view. take a look. >> you know what's really missing me off? what? i've never heard you pissed off before. >> no, you actually haven't. [ laughter ] >> you built 83 miles of protected bike lanes, i don't think you understand the impact of taking something like 10th avenue which is six lanes, down to two and-a-half, particularly when you have a winter storm and
11:00 pm
you can't move, none of that is movable, so you can't -- nothing flows. >> sean: he thinks he's going to be president. if he is we're really screwed! unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. this is not the hate trump media. we're fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled. lit standing by for the "ingraham angle." laura. >> laura: hannity i love what whoopi said. don't you hate midtown manhattan now? it's all those lounge chairs of people in the summer throwing trasher where looking at themselves in the jumbo tron. it takes an hour to get four blocks. i love what she said. >> sean: they have these bikers. >> laura: it's ridiculous. >> sean: it's a 40 mile an hour zone. they ride in the middle of the street and you've got to follow them for hours sometimes. >> laura: no, no, no, it used to be you could flow down town, it was easy. bloomberg comes along it'


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